As a young girl, I wrote songs and stories. I would spend hours and hours filling notebooks with elaborate characters and detailed plots; writing songs later turned into writing poems.

Fine Art Portrait - Katelyn 001

There was something about the line breaks and repetition of poetry that captivated my attention. It was mysterious. It was abstract. It was this beautifully different kind of art that drew me in like the tide. I felt I could explore the depths of writing poetry without fear, even if that meant a diving into the darkest shadows of everyday life: anxiety, sorrow, depression. It was fascinating to me that a few simple lines could capture such vast concepts.

Picasso 004.jpg
‘The Confusion’

So, when I discovered fine art photography, it changed my life. Again. Fine art photography opened up a whole new world of possibilities to me. I suddenly had an entirely different way to illustrate emotions and topics. I could choose between writing about something, photographing something, or entwining the two mediums to create a rich concept that visual and non-visual viewers could understand. Fine art photography is poetry, visualized.

SPILLER_erin-conceptual 001
‘A Clean Slate’

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