Guinness Storehouse

Today is the debut of my 9-Day Paddywagon Tour of Ireland. We started in the morning in Dublin, journeying to the Guinness Storehouse at St. James Gate to tour the facilities and learn about Ireland’s famous beer. It was a gray morning, and as our bright green bus drove down cobblestone streets it began to rain. Our travel group bonded over our excitement, and by the time we arrived at the Guinness Storehouse, we had lovingly named our Paddywagon Bus Chad. Even when we changed buses to accommodate more people joining the tour, we kept the name for our group chat as #chadgoesontour for the remainder of the tour!

Dublin Ireland 2017 The Guiness Factory 054

Even as the rain poured down on us, we were in high spirits, anticipating our tour of the Guinness Storehouse. Once inside, we were ushered past the winding lineups and into the facility- a welcome perk! I was in awe of the sheer size of the building, exposed metal beams crisscrossing with the elevators and creating geometric designs that were begging to be photographed.

Dublin Ireland 2017 The Guiness Factory 011Dublin Ireland 2017 The Guiness Factory 026Dublin Ireland 2017 The Guiness Factory 023

It was difficult to keep track of our newly acquainted tour group, but we managed to walk through at roughly the same pace and exchange smiles and excited comments about what we had seen.

Dublin Ireland 2017 The Guiness Factory 041

We then had the opportunity to learn about how Guinness was made, and more interestingly, how to drink it. It’s important to take a big sip, or else all that is being drunk is the foam on the top. Considering I had no idea that there even was an incorrect way to drink it, it was a welcome tip that I was glad to have learned before the end of my three-week photography adventure in Ireland.

One of my favourite moments of this particular tour was when we found a window on one of the higher floors. I am always looking for the discreet, perhaps overlooked details of iconic locations, and this image was taken from a hallway just beyond the bathrooms! The janitor laughed, but this stunning scene called to me. I was drawn to the fog that was settled on the cityscape and the way the brick dissipated into the gray mist.

Dublin Ireland 2017 The Guiness Factory 044

After climbing stairs for what felt like forever, we arrived to the rooftop bar* of the Guinness Storehouse where the vouchers we had been given were exchanged for a pint of Guinness from the brewery itself! Overall, the whole experience was an educational and interesting adventure. I took so many photographs and I was so excited to share every moment of it here on my travel blog with you, my followers, my friends, my trekkers.

Dublin Ireland 2017 The Guiness Factory 046

Dublin Ireland 2017 The Guiness Factory 048

Dublin Ireland 2017 The Guiness Factory 042-Edit

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